HELP... 24 hours since PIP and no progress....


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Jan 5, 2008
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One of my Goose eggs pipped yesterday ..Day 31. YAY... As of this AM, 24 hours later, he has made no progress. I peeled back the shell from the pipped area and moved the membrane slightly and he finally got is beak part way out. He is breathing but does not squeek.
My bator humidity is 79 but I think he is stuck. The pip is in the middle of the egg and he was sitting upside down in the bator. ......
The membrane is very thick and white.
Here is what I have done so far. I peeled off some of the shell around the pipped area being careful not to disturb the membrane and I wrapped the egg in a warm damp rag and put him back in the bator on his side with his beak side up. I plan to leave him alone for a while but am not sure at what point I should intervene further. I did not zip the egg because I am afraid of disturbing the membrane and him bleeding to death.
Advice Please. I don't want him to die in his egg.


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So I know nothing about hatching or geese. A lot of people say never help. But if you have nothing to lose??

Good luck with your egg. Hope it goes well.



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Apr 17, 2010
Im a HUGE advocate of helping!! Id rather lose one trying (which has never happened to me yet) then letting it dry up in it's egg. Its really not as scary or life threatening as many websites would have you believe!
And the therory that if they arent strong enough to make it on their own is BS IMHO. If they are under mom, I agree. But with incubators so many things can go right (or wrong) and a little help never hurts, it doesnt mean the bird is genetically weak. Good Luck keep us posted!


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I ALWAYS help! I saved 4 out of 5 yesterday of my Black & Blue Marans. I have saved more than I have lost of chickens and quail. I don't know why people say don't help. I figure if you DON'T help, you're definitely going to lose them. Good Luck!
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