Help! 4 chickens pecking on 1

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Jenni221, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Jenni221

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    Feb 20, 2016
    My poor chicken fussy is getting beaten up by the others & I can't figure out why. We've had the same 7 chickens for 2 years & we got then all as baby chics. They all have gotten along fine until the last week. They have plenty of space. A very large coop with a loft & a roost & 5 nesting boxes. Their outdoor run is 10 by 30 with ramps, sand pit, crates & benches to jump on. It's hard ware cloth enclosed. They are well fed & loved. The only change in 2 years is last week I found 1 of my 7 penny, dead one morning for no apparent reason. After research I'm convinced it was sudden death syndrome & a heart attack or something because as far as I know she was healthy & was alive the night before. A few days after that fussy is being picked on. 4 birds pin her to the ground & stand on her & peck her & make terrible noise. She just submits to it & gets beat up. So far no blood but I'm scared to death I'm going to find her dead next. I'm at a loss. I hope someone knows some answers. This is only my 2nd year with chickens. I'll take any advice or suggestions. I live all my girls & dont want to get rid of anyone or see anyone suffer or die. Thanks for reading.[​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC, if you put pinless peepers on them then it will keep them from seeing directly in front of them so they can't focus on who they are pecking, they can't see directly in front of them but can see the sides and they can still eat and drink just fine.
  3. swbradley

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    Oct 26, 2015
    It is likely they are challenging the current pecking order. They will likely work it out on their own. I would not intervene unless you see blood or something serious.
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
  5. Pork Pie Ken

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Hi and welcome to BYC - seems like you have a great set up for your flock. The kind of bullying you describe does not suggest to me a pecking order issue per se (although the pecking order will be affected by the loss of your hen). If its possible, it may be an idea to try and identify and separate the bullies for a week or so. Being away from the flock can act to lower their rank, so when they are re-introduced they may not be as likely to bully your girl.

    all the best
  6. drumstick diva

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    They are mobbing her, by the time you figure out why she will be dead - and they probably will be cannibalizing her - that's what chickens are capable of. Your worst ones need to be separated - if they are that blood thirsty they aren't worth keeping. If you rehome fussy, they will find another to brutalize. They may have bullied your other hen away from feed - maybe she starved too death.
  7. NickyKnack

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    Welcome to BYC and the coop! There's a lot of great peeps here! Feel free to ask lots of questions. But most of all, make yourself at home. I'm so glad you decided to join the BYC family. I look forward to seeing you around BYC. So sorry for the loss of your girl. :hugs

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