HELP! 4 day old barred rock chick with bloody poo :(


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On Tuesday, my 25 barred rock chicks came in from Meyer's hatchery in polk, ohio. Everybody was energetic, eating drinking right away. I put paper towels over the pine bedding for easier clean up for the first week. Change them 2-3 times a day. Last night, I noticed a red streak on the paper towels when changing them. So I park my butt in front of the brooder for 2 hours watching my chicks. One poo'd right infront of me, and sure enough, it had blood in it! What is it, what do I do?? I hated to do it, but I separated it from the rest. I continued to watch for another hour, no more red poo in brooder. Changed the paper this morning, no more red. So, I think the one I seperated is the only one bleeding. Everything looks fine on it, no pasty butt or anything. No more blood on the towels in the box I put the other one in either, but I'm worried. Any suggestions??
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Wow...I was expecting at least one person to give me some advice.....a bit dissipointed that no one out there with chick experience has any advice for me....
Just that I didn't have any advice, I've never had any chicks with bloody poop, but by posting on your thread it pushed you back to the top (ie bump) so more people will read and hopefully respond.
Yep, they are on medicated chick feed, and all were vaccinated at the hatchery for mereks. After no more bloody poo yesterday, I put her back with the other ones. She seems fine, eating and drinking, jumping around. It just really scared the heck outta me! I've hand raised quite a few baby animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, and had 1 kitten with bloody poo and she died
Did you check the vent? Is there a chance she might have been injured there (picked by the other chicks) and that the blood was coming from the outside, not inside?

If that's the case, separating her could have given it a chance to heal up and no longer draw the others' attention to it and that might be why it's not happening any more.
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Yep, I checked that before I moved her. Everything looked fine. I have been keeping on top of any of them that get pasty butt, and taking care of it ASAP. I'm super gentle, using running water and a q-tip, and I know that their skin is really thin. Could I have injured her by cleaning off the dried poo?
Since there are 25 of them, there is no way to tell if she is one that I cleaned earlier in the day.

Thanks for the advice everyone!
That's probably what it was, since it's fine now. Hope it stays that way for you!
Scary experience when you have cute chicks all over the place. I use the little plastic zip ties when I have to treat a chick, it makes it easier to keep track of them. Just remember to cut it off their leg before they grow to big for it.

As far as the post going unseen, it might have been seen better if posted in the Emergencies etc. part of the forum. Bumping is usually frowned upon, but in a case like this it was needed! The mods are pretty cool about ilness and injuries!

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