HELP!!!! 4 Month Old Buff Orp Roo Actions Puzzling

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    Jan 26, 2013
    My 4 mo. old Buff Orpington Roo I noticed this morning is very very inactive, remaining still for minutes and upon moving is slow and wobbly and upon losing his balance lays down....I picked him up to reset his stance to observe what his response would be and he layed over and I propped him up. For the time being I have separated him from the flock placing him in a separate pin. Any ideas what I might be dealing with????????
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Have you looked at his feet? Are there any scabs or injuries on the bottom of his feet? This might make him reluctant to walk.

    What has he been eating? Is there a possibility that he got into something moldy or rotten? Are his wings or neck drooping? If so, it could be Botulism.

    What do his droppings look like? If they are bloody, he could have Coccidiosis, though, because he is an older bird, this is unlikely.

    Is there any sign of nasal discharge/swelling of the face or sinuses? Any sneezing or coughing? It could be the beginning of a respiratory if there was.

    What does his crop look/feel like? If it is hard, he might have an impacted crop, in which case you could massage it and give him olive oil. If you can barely feel it, he is probably not eating. If this is the case, you will have to hand feed him or tube feed him.

    Internal parasites such as worms might cause weakness, though the onset of this would be gradual. Check him for mites and lice, as these parasites can weaken a chicken, too.

    You have done the right thing in seperating him. Provide him with easy-to-reach water and food. You could try some applesauce, yogurt, or some scrambled egg if he doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. If you have them, put some electrolytes and probiotics in his water.

    Keep us updated!

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