Help!! 8-10 week old turkey poults are congested and sneezing

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    Aug 2, 2009
    I started off with 9 poults...they were all doing fine up until 2 weeks ago...a few started sneezing after a bad thunderstorm, then 3 passed away within next few days of getting "sick", I started giving the others duramycin in their drinking water, but they just seem to be not responding to it. They really don't want to drink it either. They still eat, but the poop is green and kinda runny, and their nasal membrane on their beaks are puffy and pink. Do they possibly have a bad case of pneumonia or something else? And what else should I be giving them to help them get better...they are under quarantine (but 3 of my chickens are now sneezing too, and are also under quarantine in another cage)...I am desperately trying to save these babes, and they have now made it thru 2 weeks without dying.....PLEASE HELP
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    Mar 22, 2010
    look up respiratory /sinus infections in the search for treatment info. you need an antibiotic but not sure which one. If they don't drink the water they are not getting the medicine, I am sure there are other forms/ways to administer it. give them some electrolyte solution in their water, separate from the one with the antibiotic in it, they need water to get better, so if they are not drinking the water that is not good for them. hope someone else has some better advice for you. good luck

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