Help!!! A coyote attacked my chickens!!!


Oct 10, 2015
So, long story short, we’ve had problems with people and our chicken coop in the past. String on their feet, open doors, and so on. A bunch of mischief. Now I have to deal with what it did. Yesterday night, someone open our coop door, and a coyote got in. 2 birds dead, all of them were scattered in out woods hiding. We spent the rest of that day combing the woods.4 chickens were injured, including our rooster. 2 are limping, one has weird breathing, and one appears to be in shock still.
They improved in the night, but are still off. None have any torn skin or anything.
Here’s the one with the weird breathing:

she had some feather loss on her back, and earlier whenever she ate anything she looked as if she had a hard time swallowing. That was around noon.
This is one that’s limping:

She doesn’t want to put any weight on that foot. Our rooster is limping too but not as bad as her. I would catch him but that’s nearly impossible :D
This is the one who I think is in shock:

she’s improving so I’m not that worried. I put some electrolytes in their water

Sorry for the novel, but can someone help me?! Any advice is appreciated!!!


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Jul 24, 2016
Washington State
I'm so sorry for your loss! How can people be so menacing??? :barnie You have already gotten a lot of good advice here. Have you looked through the feathers on the one that lost so many back feathers? I know you said there was no broken skin, I'm just double checking. If there is a wound it needs special attention. I hope they all come out of it okay. Especially make sure the one that's in shock is eating and drinking. I had one hen in shock after an eagle attack, and even though she wasn't personally attacked, she died 3 days later of shock. :hit I was so busy taking care of the wounded hen that I didn't pay enough attention to her.

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