HELP! A sick & a bully chick


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Jul 11, 2022
Hey everyone- so my 5 week old barred rock is bigger than the rest of the chicks in the brooder (they're from the same incubated set) well i got home this past Monday - i found one of my chicks dead and she had a hole on her head (looks like she was pecked) i immediately cleaned out the whole coop- disinfected food/water and roost. replaced bedding. I also gave them electrolyte/protein water (save-a-chick) i actually did this with all 3 of my coops just in case.
Well Tuesday morning i went to check on them and the barred rock (Pecky) was on my rooster (Micah) pecking him and i separated her and he didn't look too bad- he immediately got up and was walking around so i left him in there with the other two chicks. i got home Tuesday evening and he was out of it. he wasn't drinking or eating and my astralorp (Runner) was literally carrying him (which i don't know if that's normal for them to protect each other but when i went to grab him she flew at me as well as my leghorn (Eleven). I took Micah into my house and had to syringe feed him electrolyte/protein water. i also mixed his food with this mix. He is doing much better and i think he's sick of being in the hamster cage. he's eating and drinking normal. Runner & Eleven have been doing great and Pecky is still in bully quarantine.

My question is when should i reunite Micah and Pecky with the other 2? Should i do Micah first and wait a day to add Pecky?
this is my 3rd set of chicks and i did not go through any of this with the other two. this is the first time.

thanks in advance

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