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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ascott1978, Jun 17, 2008.

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    My hen Bonnie was sitting on clutch of about 11 eggs. Apparently an egg popped or something and eggs got messy. She instinctively push four cleaner eggs away and continued to sit on them. But as luck would have it ants invaded the nest and she was forced of the remaining eggs.

    I though the clutch was a total bust, so I took the 7 dirtiest eggs out in the pasture and opened to see if the eggs had even started to develop yet. This was only her second attempt to hatch eggs. Anyways, of the 7 eggs four had nearly completely developed. [​IMG] So I went and candled the remaining four. Three were good so I luckily had an incubator already going inside. I placed them in it.

    Sorry for the background story but heres my issue. The 3 eggs, by my estimate, are going to hatch around June 23rd. The other eggs are going to hatch around July 2nd. I don't want them hatching in there since I use an automatic turner. Besides I don't want the incubator getting messy a week before the others are due. I guess I'm looking for a cheap (no pun intended) hatchery-like devise for the expected due date. Any ideas.
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    If she was sitting on a clutch, they should all hatch about the same time. I'm mixed up on where the different dates came from. You can candle with a good flashlight and tell somewhat what day you are on.
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    Build a quick bator for a htcher. Look in my sig line for a link. Lots of people have built this bator with great hatching success.

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