Help- advice needed - Chicken lethargic, off balance, poofed up and hiding


Sep 29, 2015
Sick hen...started 3 days ago when I noticed she was really lethargic, poofed up, hiding under a chair in their pen and kept closing her eyes. When she walks, she is extremely slow and I noticed a little clumsy/off balance. After looking closer, when she steps with her right foot, her toes curl underneath, causing the clumsy gait. She is still eating treats, chicken feed and drinking (though not as much - I've noticed her crop is not nearly as full at night as it usually was) and she is still laying eggs daily. The first night she went to roost with the other birds just fine but last night we had to place her up there and it seemed like she was a little uneasy on balance while up there. Tonight we are isolating her in the basement so she can hopefully get some rest and tomorrow afternoon she's going in to the vet. We've examined here enough to know it isn't impacted/sour crop, no mites/fleas, and no sores or cuts on her feet or legs so no bumble foot. We have been treating the flock with corid since she started acting like this with fear that it is coccidiosis (one of our newer additions had it a few months back). Does anyone have similar experiences? Know if it sounds like coccidiosis? Or just have any suggestions? What makes it difficult is that I'm pregnant, so really shouldn't be around sick chickens, so I'm making my husband do all of the hard work. Just praying that it isn't too late and that she'll recover.
I'm not sure I can help, but thought I'd touch base. I saw your post just after posting my own, similar questions. My 6 week old is acting similarly - no signs of blood in the poop. I can't decide if it's cocci, or heat stroke, as her symptoms started the day after they were panting with their wings spread out during a short heat wave. What area are you from? I'm in MA.
I'm from Missouri and have had some abnormally warm weather this summer so far. But our girl has been pretty good in the heat. So many of her symptoms are those of coccidiosis. I hope yours feels better soon. This is the first one of our birds that has gotten REALLY sick, so it's breaking my heart...

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