Help Again!! Day 23???


8 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Fernandina Beach, FL
:/TY all who helped with questions the other day!! my first bator eggs, i have 20, it will be day 23 by 3 pm today!? should i candle or just leave? i know people just say wait...and i am how long do i go? will it do any good to look at candle 1?? please help me!!
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If the temp got too low at any time during the incubation the development of the chicks could have been slowed down, causing them to hatch later. I usually chuck the eggs at the end of day 22 because after that chicks can start to hatch with problems that I don't have the time to hand-raise.

If you candle, look into the airsac and see if you can see the chicks beak moving around.

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