Help, again! Foot swelling

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    This is starting to get old. My BO who just in the last few days has recovered from a NASTY impacted crop, has swelling in her ankles and it's slowly moving down to her feet it seems. She's been inside for a month now for treatment of the impacted crop. The impaction was caused by a mass of grass, hay, and other long strands of undigestable fibrous plant material. She has lost a lot of weight and is now down to 2.85 lbs (up from 2.7 from the other day) but is beginning to eat more normally and the crop is working as it should now. So here are the background facts summed up of what's leading into all this:
    -2.5yrs old
    -buff orpington hen
    -no prior health problems
    -treated for impacted crop for 3 weeks, passed the blockage on her own
    -has been drinking VERY well the whole time, never had to push fluids
    -was being fed mushy pellets
    -lost appetite 2 weeks ago, which was also approximately 2 weeks into crop treatment
    -ate blackberries, apples, tomatoes, mealworms with olive oil, small amount of cooked ground beef (she only liked it for a day), small amount of tuna (same story as ground beef), and banana for a few days.
    -is now back to her own food (today was day 1 of her regular pellets, yesterday she would only eat broiler grower but she's only been eating that for 2 or 3 days and not a ton of it).
    -has had access to grit and oyster shell consistently

    So about the lumps and swelling:
    My sister treated her for a week before I took over. When I took her, she had soft lumps the size of a small Lima bean on the outer side of both ankles. They were the least of our worries at the time since she was on death's door due to the crop impaction. There was never any additional swelling until the past 2-3 days. With her recent recovery from the impacted crop, I am now able to focus on the lumps and swelling.
    Facts about the swelling:
    -one medium-sized Lima bean size lump on the outside of each ankle.
    -lumps are squishy, not hard
    -swelling radiating into the middle of the feet, more so on one foot.
    -no toe interference
    -no black spots on either foot or leg
    -no pain in either foot or leg
    -no change or weirdness with her scales.
    -no respiratory distress or other signs of illness
    -lethargy, not sure if she's bored, or tired from how under weight she is, or why she is. VERY interested in playing and interacting with people; high spirited when interacted with; sleeps, lays down for sun or in front of heat sources, preens herself, or sits and purrs when not interacted with.

    Ok, so what's going on with her feet?! Please tell me it could be bumble foot and i can treat it and she can go back to normal! Hoping it's not gout, but there seems to be some things that match up with it, but then also some things that don't seem to match at all. Can chickens get soars like this from sitting or laying down on hardwood and tile floor so much? She has a crate she stays in at night and when I'm not home that has several towels for comfort so I'm not sure if that would even be a cause (she was eating all other types of bedding we tried and it was adding to the crop impaction so we had to switch to towels).


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    Mycoplasma synovitis can cause swelling and infection in the joints. There are also viruses that can cause arthritis. Gout would be another possibility. A local vet, extension agency, or your state vet could help you in getting her tested for MS. It is treatabvle with antibiotics, such as Tylan, oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, and other antibiotics, but I would get testing doen to make sure of what it is.
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    Jan 14, 2016
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    Mycoplasma Synovitis makes the most sense now that I think about it! We have had random swelling around a lot of our birds' eyes (since they've matured mostly. I never noticed it as chicks or pullets) and we never really knew what was going on that was causing it, we figured some kind of allergen since it would come and go fairly quickly. Mindy has been one of the ones to get flare ups more often along with our big BO, Eymma. (I swear Eymma's eyes are never completely normal) Looking at pictures and descriptions of gout, her feet and ankles don't really match, but they also do at the same time, but there were a couple of pictures I found of MS that the birds have lumps that look just like what Mindy has.

    Yesterday her feet seemed to be getting bigger every time I looked at her but the swelling seems to be better today. She's sill running around like a little nut so I know she can't be THAT uncomfortable! haha

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