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    Oct 8, 2015
    I have posted a couple of posts regarding my silky hens that were gurgling etc. Since my post both have died. I have antibiotics which I was too late in acquiring for the other 2 but now my last silky is just as bad. She did not show signs until yesterday morning. I now have her in my laundry and giving antibiotics. She is gurgling and stretching her neck opening her beak. Now I have my Super cochin hen making gurgling noises rrrrrrrrrrrr. BUT she has gone Broody today!!! Talk about timing I have been waiting for this to happen. I am also giving her Oxymav B along with the rest of the flock. Will she still be able to raise chicks? Or do the whole flock need to be culled as I have read? Sad. Any knowable advice would be awesome. Thanks
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    What are you giving her? I use Tylan 50 injectable. I give it orally 1/2cc/ml for adult silkies for 5 days. Also VetRx is good put on the nose, under wings, spot on the head and rub on the roof of mouth. Helps with the breathing. If you have another one die you need to have it tested to see what you are dealing with. Good luck.
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    It sounds like you have a rather serious chronic respiratory disease going through the flock. Most of those such as MG, coryza, and ILTare easily spread and make carriers of a whole flock. So it just gets passed along, unless all birds are removed, then waiting an appropriate time (depending on which disease) to get new healthy birds. I would recommend that you send the sick bird into the state vet for a necropsy to find out what you are dealing with. ILT is a virus which will not respond to antibiotics, and can last longer in the environment than the few days that MG and coryza will. Here is a link for the state vets, and one to read about the symptoms of these diseases:

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