Aug 14, 2015
(CHECK OUT THE LINK and repost this picture to spread the love and support) I want to give a huge shoutout to the YouTube channel 50 ducks in a hot tub. Listen guys I really need you to read this so please help me out. Matt lives in Canada and he has devoted his life to raising these animals and oh so many of them(700+) but he cares for every single one he wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and cares for them all day and has a loyal dog dug who protects them. When I watch and see his videos they give me joy, the connection that a duck can have with its owner is so amazing. They can recognize his voice, when he calls they come to him, and they aren't afraid of his trusty dog dug. Now raising hundreds of ducks costs so much money and right now not many people know of his account. He is trying to keep the "duck adventure" going and continue to hatch ducklings yearly. Matt does all of this for charity. Not for himself, for charity. After a season of raising the ducks he donates them to his local food shelter, and when I first heard that I was kind of put off or shocked but he actually loves all of his ducks it's so sweet. The video he made of him and the ducks last day, was so emotional. I truly believe Matt is a great guy, and he is struggling when he shouldn't. I have a link in my bio to a video of his please check it out and subscribe. He really needs the help and you will probably binge watch the videos. if you want you can donate to help him, just look for the link under his videos. TRUST ME even if you don't own ducks or aren't interested the show is so amazing and cute to watch. So please just give it a look. I really just want him to have him breakthrough where he can finally relax. It's weird how much of a connection I have to the show, experiencing and watching his videos is like experiencing his daily life, he was the main reasons I really pushed to get my 5 ducks, and now I truly love all of them so sweet and more intelligent and interactive then you would expect. My favorite part of matts videos is when he wakes up and yells out his window good morning ducks! And then they all start quacking and jumping around all crazy, then when he opens the gate they all rush out to the yard and lake and this is called the morning rush, then I also love the part in his videos where he goes in the 2 barns and checks to see how many eggs he got that day. The show is kind of addicting. But he really needs so much support right now, he's having trouble with his house and a deal to transport the ducks to the food drive fell through so he's having some hard times. I really hope you guys would be so sweet to check it out THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.
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