Help!!!! Any ideas what's going on with my hen skin??


Mar 18, 2015
My hen lost a lot of feathers and all of her head feathers over the winter from what I thought was over crowding in the coop. Now that the weather is nice the chickens are free range again and I built a second coop. The other chickens feathers are growing back but not this one please see pictures and let me know your opinion. I have treated for mites also. Not seeing any mites on any of the chickens or coop?? She looks in pain I want to help her!!!!


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Apr 3, 2011
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I would look closely for clumps of white eggs at the base of the feathers which may be lice, or look at her during the night in the dark with a flashlight for mites. She also may be getting pecked by the other chickens. Her skin needs to be treated with Nustock cream or anti-pick lotion if you determine that it is pecking. Permethrin and sevin dust are good for lice or mites, but need to be repeated at 7-10 day intervals until they are gone. If it is lice or motes, then all of the chickens would have them, and the coop would need treatment as well. Make sure that she is getting at least 16-20% protein in her feed, and you can increase it with some egg, tuna, dry cat food, or gamebird feed for a couple of weeks. That would help with feather regrowth

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