Help!! Anyone know what kid of duckling I have?


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
I've been going back an forth between magpie and Ancona but haven't been able to pin point one! I'm new to owning ducks, my first being two that I believe are Khaki Campbell's that are 9 weeks old, a white crested maybe that is 3 weeks and the one pictured that's also 3 weeks! She/he's a little spunkier than my other three she/he is a tiny little thing and can jump out of whatever housing it's in!
I'm going to assume it is an Ancona duckling. I agree with KuroKitsune though, the coloring is a bit off for it to be a maggie, but it is still possible.

Also, :welcome !!!
Thanks BYC has become my ultimate go to for anything I need to know about my babies! Something I've noticed that I haven't seen any posts about... My 9 wk old ducklings like to rush my 3 wk old ducklings when I let them out in the yard together. Of course I always intervene because I don't want the babies hurt... Is that normal? And why do they do that?
Do they ever attack the babies or do they just want to be around them? If they are attacking, they are staying to establish a pecking order most likely. If so, keep them separated. If they just want to be around the youngins for comfort, allow it, but only when you can supervise closely. Then they can be together full time I when they get big enough. But just be careful with males and females always. Females may get seriously injured from a forced mating which ducks are famous for :p

I'm so glad to hear you've made a home here at BYC! It definitely is mine :) We are happy to have new family members and they're feathered friends join us!

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