HELP anyone know what this is or how to help? Pic included.

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    My 9mth old pullet was just fine on Wednesday and Wednesday night when I locked them up for the night. When I let them out of coop yesterday, I noticed my sweet hen, Finn wasn't right at my heels. I went back in to the coop and she was behind the door and I first I thought she was dead and her neck was broken , because it was turned so oddly. I took her to the vet right then, in my pjs I may add, and the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong. Her head is completely upside down and she isn't standing. There wasn't anything in her ears, but he said her equilibrium was off and thats why she had her head upside down to make her feel upside right. They gave her some powerful antibiotics and watched her during the day. I brought her home last night and separated her from the flock for the night. I had my husband check this morning because I didn't have the heart to know she didn't make it through the night. But she did, However, her condition is still the same. I tried to hand feed and try to give her something to drink, but she isn't even interested. She has also layed a egg since I last checked on her. I have her in the house now, cause if this is the end, I don't want her out in the cold. Has this happened to anyone elses hens? I have a vet tech coming in a little while to let her go in peace, but if there is someone knows if I can fix this and how, please let me know. I love this hen, she is my favorite and the one in my avitar profile pic. Loving these sweet birds and going through these things are just not fair!
    Some details~
    Hens and rooster are free range.
    Nothing in the yard that is fatal to eat.
    Eats organic fruits, vegetables and laying crumbles.
    Locked up at night and let out in mornings.
    My closes neighbor is a mile and a half away.
    Nothing new has changed.
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    Oh that poor girl!!
    I'm assuming the vet checked for wry neck.... That would be my only guess....
    Sorry I'm not any help but maybe someone will come along and....
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    wry neck is the first thing that came to mind??

    got bonked really bad in the head and has neurological issues now??

    Vitamin deficiency??
    try to give her some Vit E from the capsule.

    My bird had wry neck for about 2 months before she finally came out of it-it took ALOT of patience and hand feeding food and liquids to her...I hand fed scrambled eggs with poly vi sol drops ( non iron) plus wet mash for weeks-took about 1/2 hr to feed and make sure she had liquids in her 3x a day...
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    I have no ideas, but will gladly keep her (and you) in my prayers. [​IMG] It's funny how much we can grow to care for these creatures... [​IMG]
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    I had something similar happen to a young pullet last year. She was standing there when a young cock flew up in the air and jumped on her head from behind. She never saw it coming and he hit her like a ton of bricks. The force of the blow dislocated her neck and her head ended up between her knees. She couldn't raise her head after that and just kept turning somersaults when she tried to walk. I ended up culling her.

    I don't know if that scenario could fit your situation, but when I saw the pic it reminded me of that incident. I hope you figure out what happened.

    Sorry for your tough predicament. Good luck.
  6. look for signs of an infection around the ear lobes specifically, but anywhere else as well. If brought on by inner ear infection, then it may be transient. If it last more than 72 hours and there are no signs of infection....I would cull her (for her own comfort) It is almost certainly wry neck and this can be very painful as the muscles can contract so hard that it dislocates the neck.
    I just re read your post. Now I am even more certain that it is wry caused by inner ear infection. Hopefully you are on line. I know they gave her antibiotics all ready, but if youll bear with me you can also try a different approach. Ask the tech if he/she can get hold of some Oxine (7 oz's min) put 7 ozs in a gallon of filtered water (not spring water, RO water) fill up a humidifier with this mix and place it and the hen in the smallest are you have (a closet maybe?) when the humidifier is done...pray. Give it some time to work
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    Hi ya'll~
    Sorry I haven't been on and I just saw the info about the humidifier, so after I get dressed I'm going to the vets to see if I can get some Oxine.
    Things have been nuts cause I've been hand feeding, keeping in the house, holding and giving the poly-vi-sol vitamins to Finn on top of everyday life things .
    Since my last post Finn has pretty much just layed on her side except when I would hold her to feed and give water to. This morning, I was crying and decided it was time to let her go, that I and the vet had done what we could. I had her in the living room on the floor and the next thing I know, shes standing up, making noises and preening herself. I made her some scrabbled eggs and she ate some along with sunflower seeds and some banana. More then she has since getting sick. I'm now worried about my carpet, because she is walking around. Not as confident as I would like, but walking enough she's getting off the towels I have for her. I need to add though, that she keeps scratching at the side of her head which I'm assuming is where the inner ear thing comes into play. I hope the humidifier and Oxine works with this.
    I know there is still the chance of her relapsing , but she also has the same chance of recovery.[​IMG]
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    What a brave and lucky girl! I don't know anything about her condition, but that amazing she's standing up and acting herself again. You're a fantastic chicken mama, she looks spoiled rotten in the house [​IMG]
  9. "unactivated oxine" Im sorry forgot to mention that. Do not use it activated by adding the citric acid.

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