HELP! Babies are sick and dying!


9 Years
Apr 11, 2010
Chapel Hill
I have corturnix about a month old. They went outside last week with 2 other quail that are over a year. So far 2 have died, and just found one that is sick. She was just lying on the pen floor. I brought her in and gave her some sugar water. She perked up, but I noticed that she won't put weight on one of her legs. When I hold her up, she acts normal, eating and drinking, but can't hold herself up. She is scooting around the bin, kind of flopping around. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I'm not sure how the other 2 died. The rest seem to be doing fine, although some walk on their knees more than their feet. I have them on game bird starter, and there is game bird mx in the pen for the older 2, so the young ones do have access to it. Nothing is medicated. The weather has been warm, but wet. HELP!


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
N.E. Mississippi
If the size of your mesh floor allows predators to nip at their legs this can happen. Infrequently I have found a mature quail with feathers stripped off their leg and no blood.

I attribute this to predators such as possums, coons or other critters that like quail.

Changed the mesh size down to a smaller opening (1/2" x 1/2"), enough to allow the droppings to fall down to wood shavings on the ground (for composting and garden fertilizer) and the problem (so far) stopped.

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