Help!! baby chick is really sick!!!

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    Oct 9, 2008
    I have a silkie chick that is sneezing and when she breathes she opens and closes her mouth. We think she has pneumonia. We got her at a auction and we have no idea how old she is but she is little still (maybe a month or two). We dont know what to give her or how much to give her any idea's??? We dont have any vets around here that treat chickens so I will have to order it online. Any places that you would reccomend??? We do have a tractor supply is there anything there that we could give her?
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    I'm so sorry about your little silkie. It's heartbreaking to see them struggling like that. There has been sooo much about medications for respiratory illnesses lately, I'm not sure which is the right one to recommend but I just finished using sulmet for some young chickens that had respiratory problems. Others will say Tylan or tetracycline. My #1 favorite broad spectrum drug is baytril but you have to get it with a prescription from a vet. I may know a place online that you can order it from. I'll check it out and, if you can get it, I'll post the link here. Make sure she is staying warm and away from your other chicks.

    ETA: I couldn't fine a place to get it online but here is a website that will help you: The doctor, Peter Brown, has helped many a person on here, me included. Hopefully somebody will come along shortly with more helpful information. Good luck with your little girl.
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    Sounds like CRD possibly. Better seperate her into her own little box and get some powdered Tylan to put in her water. I can't promise she will make it and it is a long hard road to recovery but Good Luck [​IMG]

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