HELP baby chicks dieing from what i think is coryza diseases


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Danville, Arkansas
i had 8 baby chicks and they all died but one and i really think shes about to die to i was thinking maybe they had coryza diseases and i was wondering if anyone out there knows how to treate it or keep it from happening again. i keep my brooder box very clean i clean it out just about everyday my baby chicks hatched from may 20th to may 26, on the 20th i did buy 2 silkie chicks from a lady and the youngest splash silkie died next day i was thinking maybe thats how they got coryza but its weird cuz one of my baby chicks out in the chicken coop died the next day same way as the splash silkie and was never near her and then after that all my newly hatched chicks been dieing one by one each day now i only have on left a lil barred plymouth rock girl and i really dont want to lose her shes so cute already sucks cuz i lost my fav lil rooster who i named pumba cuz he was same color as pumba from lion king lol but anyways pls can someone give me some info on to how to save her before its to late or stop it before my other chicks hatch cant stand burying them
shes already acting sick her eyes r closed just like the others would do and she cant stand very well if this not coryza diseases pls let me know what it is and how to treate it

symptoms: be fine at first but with in few hours out of no where they be laying down and to weak to get up eyes would be close even if i picked them up would lean to the right bad balance after first sign with in few hours they would be dead did seen on last chick had a lil bit of watery eyes and nasal discharge

can see the splashie silkie

my poor lil pumba miss him
thanks been looking all over the net trying to fig out whats wrong with them im new to the chicken thing and i feel like a bad mother that i cant keep my lil guys alive im starting to think maybe they have Coccidiosis so just incase going to buy medicated chick feed and clean out brooder box twice a day just be on safe side dont want to have to bury anymore babies i love them all

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