Help!! baby coturnix got foot problem!!!


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
hello every one!! I hatched my first lot of coturnix quai yesterday. I was very excited as i set 7 eggs and got 7 babies from parents in my garden!! any way 2 of them have almost like a club foot the toes haven't uncurled and one poor baby has 2 feet like it!! have tried little carboard shoes but thry keep falling off don't know what to do or if it'll sort it's self out any advice would be great!! thanks bek:/
That's usually caused from low humidity during incubation, causing them to take longer to hatch. I've tried boots on them but they rarely work. One thing I found that did work though was keeping them on 1/4" wire for the first few days. As long as their legs are straight, their toes will get between the wire and straighten out. You can also 'stretch' the feet out a few times a day, that should help. Basically, it's a really, really bad cramp.
Thanks! Will definately try the sretching . They seem to get around ok .
Feet are easier to fix than legs, so they should be fine.

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