Help....Baby Duckling making popping sounds/labored breathing??


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Aug 20, 2019
Hello All,
We have about a week old Khaki Campbell, and this am she/he (too early to has been making popping sounds, it seems with her beak. But they come out through her nose, still when beak is shut. Not gaping for air, so I don't think its gape worms, or anything like that. This is what shes had so far..all nice clean bedding, pine, warming light, clean water, and duck crumbles...
We've put her in a pool so she can dunk her whole head under, no nose blockage, seems fine there.
The sound is very similar to if a human would click their finger nail under the other. She also hasn't been able to peep since this started. Any tips/ideas or info would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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