help baby pig with scours, need duramycin dosage


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
ok guys, my brain is not good with math I need y'all to help me out PLEASE!!!! I got 2 piglets sep 6, one had diarrhea the day I brought him home I figured it was the move stressed him out. but he still had it the next day, and the next day so I got probios and been giving it to him for 3 days now. still no better, he is drinking and eating, but always has the runs and he is getting THIN!! his brother never takes his nose out of the feed. I went to the feed store and bought duramycin but the directions are to complicated for my pea brain, I don't know how I graduated from school,LOL. but any help will be greatly appreciated! I think the baby only weighs about 10 lbs and I was told he was 8 weeks. the other pig must weigh 15 lbs. its breaking my heart I cant afford to bring a $40.00 pig to the vet. so please tell me how much meds to put in a gallon of water PLEASE!!
.. thank you
I totally agree with farmchick, your pig needs pig scour medicine, not antibiotics, Spectro Gard will help, I would suggest you treat it as fast as possible!
We used "Sure Gel" mixed in with the milk replacer on some bottle calves, it might be a little bitter so might need some syrup on the nipple. I know it is not medicine but it worked.
We tried the milk replacer it didn't help ill go to tsc and pick up the other stuff, thank you guys
Are these piggies still on milk replacer? How old are they? What else are you feeding and what type of milk replacer? With calves, you stop milk completely until you get scours under control. Lots of electrolytes to replace fluid though. I would do the same with pigs. Then slowly add back milk.
the guy we got them from said they are 7 weeks, I only got milk because I was told by someone the food may be doing it and to try milk cause his belly may not be ready for feed! I have them on a grower feed, and the feed store sold me sweet feed for them! I havnt tried any scraps or treats.. I have never had pigs before, we got them for meat! the people around my neighborhood are great people, and have had livestock there whole lives, but it breaks my heart to hear them say leave it alone if it dies it dies its only a pig!!!!
no way would I just sit back and let him suffer and die!! I gave him the duramycin in the water, the last 2 times he pooped there was more texture to it, and he sure seems to feel better. His tail is going a mile a minute and hes eating better and digging a lot more for a longer period of time! but the sure gel is definitely something I will keep on hand from now on!! even thou I got my animals for food, I spoil them and love them to pieces!! I give them a wonderfull happy life! just like all my chickens, I cuddle, love, and name everyone, but most are for the freezer!! thank you so much for the advice, ill keep u posted in a few days on how hes doing!

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