Help! Been losing about 1 chicken every 1-2 weeks to some illness

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Mar 13, 2013
Hi at the risk of being new and then writing a very lengthly 1st thread I will beg forgiveness first but this deal has been a really difficult problem, My husband and I are fairly new to having chickens. He built us a really nice roomy chicken house/pen and now we added a run complete with black sun screen on the top and part of the sides to keep them cooler in our 90++100 summers.... We have a small "herd" of a mixture of Lanshans, Delawares, Light Sussex and Rocks.

Ok so anyway About 2 months ago our 1 1/2year old rooster got sick, droopy, lost his balance, diahrea, had aa nasty smell and I did see one black scab on his droopy comb. We isolated him, doctored him etc etc... he would eat watermelon and stuff we gave him but layed there.. after a week we ended his misery. Then his "wife" got sick,,, same deal. By the time a 3rd hen was down we took her to OSU vet school and they ran tests and did a necropsy. They sent some stuff to the state (about a month ago) but we haven't heard back yet. They gave us Bactim antibiotic... we did the cleaning bit and started the antibiotics and added electrolytes as it is so hot (there are too fans in their chicken house by the way not blowing on the directly at nite) anyway a younger Lanshan got "tipsy" and we isolated him immediately gave him big dose of antibiotics on watermelon pieces and he recovered in a couple days... ???? He is still fine by the way.

So then we were doing pretty good everyone ie still on antibiotics and bam.. a hen got droopy comb, her eyes got puffy and shut also had one scab on her comb. (By the way.. none of the chickens have any sinus or cold symptoms....)
OK isolation geve her dermavet eye ointment (that I read about on these blogs) she never acted sick but just couldn't see....doctored her for a week, fed her "gruel" of softened food and the electrolight/antibiotics he to show her were to put her head in the cup by the way.... we gave up yesterday and she also went to our chicken gravesites.. We may be past it but its weird because none of them really seemed to fit the symptoms..of several of the illness....I looked Marecks, chicken Cholera etc..... soI guess I am throwing this out there Anyone have any better ideas??? or guesses? what the heck is going on???
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I would think you could call the state vet Tuesday because a month should be long enough for at least a preliminary report. You may have more than one diseases going on here since that is fairly common. It sounds like you may have coccidiosis and maybe coryza or mycoplasma. You might want to wait for the report to consider either culling your flock or treating them with some pretty strong antibiotics such as Tylan 50 or anti-cocci meds. Here is a link to common diseases (you may want to compare these symptoms with yours):

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