HELP! Bloody mass found in nesting box!


May 7, 2015
I'm assuming this was (layed?) by one of the 6 hens in my flock. It's a black/red mass with some sort of tail protruding from it. I poked into it with a stick (It was soft, but fairly thick) and it is full of blood.

I can't find anything similar online, so I'm at a total loss and I'm sort of freaking out. Can anyone help?

I've looked through that thread and many others. I can't find anything quite like this.

I did a "dissection" of the mass, and it is full of many layers of a meaty substance.

I suspect it might be a lash egg, but I can't find a single example of a bloody lash egg on the internet.
I suggest you send it off to a lab for analysis. You can contact your local extension office to find out how to go about getting it tested find out exactly what it is if you wish.
Not all bloody masses are going to be the same as ones seen in photos, most are different in some manner. Most likely it is some type of lash egg.

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