help- brahmas are dying

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    i started with eight standard breed brahma pullets. they are about four months old now. they went from the brooder into the coop a month ago. all has been fine. they have about three inches of pine shavings inside the coop and have a feed dish and a gallon waterer in there. about a week ago i went out there to lock them up for the night after they had been outside all day pecking around the coop. one of them was dead. no wounds, no appearant injuries, missing or ruffled feathers. just flattened out and stiff as a board. i have kept them in the coop all week because i had wondered if my dog had been playing too rough with them or something. my lab is very docile and doesn't even look at them but i wasn't around so i didn't rule that out. the next day all the birds appeared kind of lathargic but wanted to eat. i notice they had feed stuck around their mouth area and where stretching out there necks as they were eating as if they were trying to get the food down. i thought they might have inpacted crop or something as their crops were full and hard. i gave them water and took away their food. tonight i went out there to check on them and i have another dead bird in the same condition as the first dead bird. they keep scratching around the waterer and it fills with shavings to the point of were they can't get water. i am going to hang the waterer tommorrow so they don't get shavings in the waterer anymore. i feed them medicated flock raiser and they have pine shavings not cedar. what is going on here? my guess is they aren't getting enough water. oh, also they are standard breed birds but they are the size of small bantams. they are now four months old. i know brahmas are slow growers but shouldn't they be bigger by now?
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    I'd give them some softer food for a few days. If thye are dehydrated, then they need their water. Maybe just mash up their pellets in a bit of water?
    I'm sorry i cant be more help
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    Just my experience but if they have a hard crop then they could be impacted. What I would do is remove their water, feed bread soaked in olive oil ONLY. After an hour massage their crops downward (not up). Reintroduce slightly warm water elevated so they can't get pine shavings in there. The rest of the day I would (as the previous poster suggested) give them soft food, such as scrambled egg, yogurt or applesauce. Massage their crop several times if possible. I had a roo (Stormy) like that, it took him about 2 days to recover after eating tomato seeds from the compost pile. I'm just not a fan of pine shavings myself (even though I have an ulimted supply), my birds will eat anything even though they have a 24/7 food supply.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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    Very sorry for the losses! [​IMG] I hope things are better soon.
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    thanks guys. i forgot to mention that since i cut their food off for a day, their crops were empty. i guess they didn't have impacted crop. my guess is that they aren't getting enough water because they kick the shavings into the waterer and they swell up to the point where the birds can't get water. the one that died in the coop died right next to the waterer. maybe it was trying to get water in it last minutes?
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    i gave them some scrambled eggs and diluted some acv into their water. they perked right up..[​IMG]

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