Help!!Broody for too long?

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hello my Australorp has been broody and sitting on 5 unfertilized eggs she has collected for over 5 weeks. This is the first broody hen I have had. At fisrt I thought I would just let her go and hope that after the hatching period she would snap out of it because nothing hatched but instead she just started collecting more eggs. I am starting to worry as she is not eating and drinking enough. She spends all day just sitting in the coop looking wired. Also 6 months ago she had wry neck and has been no worries since but her neck is starting to twist as I suspect she is not getting enough vitamins and minerals fron the little food she is eating. My question is this, should I get rid of the eggs and close up the coop so trhat she cant get back to her nest box and has to start looking after herself and doing chicken things. Will this stress her out too much cause she has been sitting on them for so long?
    I take her down once a day and she usually runs around really crazy quick to scratch, dust bath, eat and drink but then is back on the eggs in 5 mins. I have to work days so I dont have the time to pull her out every time she goes in there to break the brood like other post suggest. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you

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