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    Jul 24, 2013
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    I have a broody that I goofed up on her clutch of eggs. Instead of collecting the eggs and putting them under her all on the same day, I left the eggs that were laid every day for a week. I only had one hen laying so she ended up with 6 eggs under her. I also had the other hen go broody, and she had one egg under her but was killed by a dog, so I put that egg under my other broody as well. Now she has 3 chicks hatched, one pipped, and 2 eggs still with nothing. She decided to start scratching around and accidentally broke the shell on one of the remaining eggs. It was laid last in her clutch on a Friday. Each of the eggs have hatched in order starting on day 20 for the first egg, second egg hatched same day. Third egg hatched this morning (day 19 for it) so the other egg probably would have hatched tomorrow or Thursday if it went like the others. Is there anything I can do or need to do? Is there a possibility it will still hatch? Just the shell seems broken, not the membrane. Any help is appreciated!
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    if you want to keep the hen broody, take the chicks away as they hatch. otherwise she thinks hatching is done and it is time to feed. (I call it cooking- she thinks she is cooking dinner.) I don't leave broken eggs with the hen if it is not finished baking- because the hen may eat it and get in a bad habit.

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