HELP!!!!! Broody problems

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  1. lttdoming

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    May 30, 2013
    Ok I have a problem...
    I have had a really broody silkie for weeks now.
    I broke down today and gave her 5 eggs to hatch.

    She immediately sat on them for a few hours like a good mom.
    The local chicken authority told me it shouldn't be any trouble having her nest in the coop with my other 3 hens.

    Well after a few hours two of my girls kicked her out and the both of them sat on the eggs together moving the silkie to another box.

    I put a wire dog crate in the coop made her a comfy box and put the eggs in it.
    Now she won't sit on the eggs. she is sitting on the floor outside the box.

    Should I take the eggs out and put them in an incubator, leave them in the crate with her, or take them out and reintroduce them if she gets comfortable in the crate??

    She was only on them for a few hours so I would assume she didn't get the internal temp up high enough.

    I NEED HELP!!!!!
  2. foreverlearning

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Lock her in the create with food and water so the other hens can't get in and give her the eggs at night for best results. I find that I have to remove my broodies because the stress from other hens can be too much (plus, I like to hear them pip).

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