Help Broody Quail!


Jun 27, 2020
A few days ago one of my females began sitting on some eggs. I’ve never had my quails become properly broody before so assumed she’d give up quickly. However, we are now on day 5/6 and she is still very determined to sit on these eggs. We’ve checked them and they are very warm and she rarely gets off of them - only for food. I am still unconvinced she won’t give up but she seems very determined for now. My issue is she is stressing out the other birds and being rather defensive of her eggs. I am happy for her to hatch these eggs however I’m worried about the tension with the other birds. Would it be a good idea to move her to a different environment, we have an indoor rabbit cage we can make suitable for her however I’m not sure if this would disturb her too much? And what should we do when the eggs are ready to hatch? Do we let her hatch them or put them in an incubator? Any advice on what to do would be great.
What is your set up like?
It’s basically just a chicken coop with an indoor and outdoor area. It’s fairly impossible to divide the setup as she’s made her nest inside. I’m not sure what to do other than move here because all my birds are refusing to go inside cuz she’ll attack them
Please, remember to update. My hen went broody a few times. I would like to see her raise them. ( My answer to everything is "plastic mesh". You could make a temporary diy cage with cardboard and mesh and put it over her without moving her?)
Will do! I’ve had a few go broody for a day or two before but they always ended up getting bored. This one seems to be a lot more committed tho so we’ll see!

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