HELP bubbling eye & tumor??

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    Ok, so i sold a silkie chick to a guy. well actually 5~ Not from my hatch, they are from a BYC members hatch. She brought them over and i TOTALLY TRUST her~
    One was picked off by a hawk, guess he let a chick roam~

    The other one he claims has bubbles in his eyes, blind and a tumor???

    OK, first.............what could be the bubbles?
    2nd how can we tell it is blind? To confirm this
    3rd Tumor? What could that be from?

    He claims i sold him a sick chick. Which i know i didn't! I had another one and would have given him that one instead. Selling a sick chick is not worth my reputation and risk of infected another persons flock. What for $5 bbucks, nah i don't think so!!

    Plus these were in with my newly hatched chicks over a month ago. None of mine are sick and i am sure he didn't quarrintine these.

    I had asked him what was going on, treatment etc and he never got back to me. Now over a month later he emails me.

    I mean for over a month he has not contacted me and still has told me nothing about treatment. I offered to refund his money because i don't want to see him upset. Did i do the right thing? What should i tell him about treatment? Like offering him suggestions??? In the end i want my clients to be happy, even if i loss money on the deal. Helping him and the chick is more important than $5

    Totally bummed and need help!
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    I can't help, but I'll bump your post up.

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