Help button quail legs a disaster.....


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Mar 30, 2012
Well she hatched with curled toes but I figured she could still get around the her legs were sprawled out to the sides but I figured she will get stronger and build up her strength and she will be ok ( I tried wrapping them straight but she was to small an too wiggly) now just yesterday which I do not know how she did this or what happened her right leg is now twisted backwards and up so it pokes up though her wing feathers and the other one is still stiff to the the left straight out I can see its really difficult for her to get around now and I'm finding her on her side alot due to her leg !! BUT this is a big BUT she is so sweet and she let's me take Care of her and thanks me with little cheaps and head nuzzles and she loves bein held and petted what other button quail will let you do that with out holding them tight??? Is there anything I can do to help my poor Sally????? She is such a sweet girl!! She is about 4 weeks old now. And she is on that rubber stuff for shelves and has been so what else ?????
she must have damaged her legs or spine shortly after hatching. I would just let her go but do not expect her to live for long if she can not get to her food and water she will die sooner then later. sorry...
She can it's just not easy for her now I have. Little boy chick who hatched a few days after the others Nd the we're literally running him over so I seperated him too for a while to get his strength up and he was fine for a while then he ended up with one leg that is straight out to the side too!!! I tried wrapping him up but he is too small and wiggles too I can't seem to get the wrapping to stay!! He is probably a week old
do you have them on that no slip shelf liner? or another type of slip proof liner? maybe they are just poor chicks but sounds to me like it maybe the brooder or even other chicks hurting them if they are too crowded. good luck.

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