Help - Can my sick duck be molting?


Oct 19, 2020
Our 3 month old Runner duck has gone lame. We brought her inside while we care for her, separate her from the others because she can’t walk and in case of infection,(I wasn’t sure if another duck was too rough on her) and so she has some company. Albeit we are not ducks, she was raised indoors until 8 weeks and we hoped the familiarity might help. I hold her too. She swims in the bath she did as a duckling.
She is now increasing losing her small feathers and losing a few larger feathers.
Could the warmth be causing her to molt?
It’s that time of year for birds to be molting, but also, stress of moving indoors and loosing her flock mates could induce a sudden molt. It wouldn’t be the warmth from the water causing this, so I wouldn’t worry. Good luck with her, and I hope everything goes well 🤞
Thank you I am hoping she gets better soon but that will mean she will be outside again. I am concerned about how she will fair in the cold.

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