Help.. can not get humidity down.. (new at this)


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I have a 1588 with turner. I ran bator for test 48 hours.. ran at 100 degrees and about 59% humidity. Now I loaded 40 eggs yesterday morning.
the temp is holding but the humidity I can not get lower than 63%.
The only plug in it is out. I have reduced the water to almost none and I put a sponge (about an inch x inch square) in the bator. It was running about 71% and with the sponge I got it down to 63%. I have moved the bator into 4 rooms and that is what I get in all the rooms give or take a %.
I am at work and really worried I am creating a pool for the chicks to drown in. Can I really take all the water out.. does that mean it would get its humidity from the room through the plug opening thats open?

Thanks for any and all help. Cj
Am I ok until I get home to do this? I am so worried.

Also do you fill the area its says then cover it and roll back until the humidity is right. Or do you reduce the water also?

thanks cj
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oh thank you for easing my mind. I just put them in yesterday morning.
it should be at 40 - 50% correct?
Also I have a digital hygrometer and thermometer. The thermometer that came with the hovabator 1588 says 100 but the hygrometer
says 101.3.. Which do you believe? I am trusting the themo that came with incubator but?????
This device is what is giving me the 63% humidity.

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No I don't think you should remove all the water...covering it should be just fine and that way you can adjust as needed. I learned this from Miss Prissy and it worked perfect for me. If you remove the water its going to get too dry. It's just the surface water you want to control not the amount of water that the trough holds.
i thiught 63% humidty was alright the last 3 days in hatcher thats where mines at is this to high,and yes the sponge adds humity ,remove some of the water and it should drop
yes 40 - 50 % is right on. The last three days should be around 65 - 70 I believe. Good luck! And no dont worry about them for that little bit of time. they will be fine. Is someone at home who can remove the top red plug...that helps bring the humidity down too.
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I just ran an experiment with a LG.

I wet just the small reservoir and dumped out the excess water.

I ran it at 84F and had 89% humidity. It took 3 days to drop to 29% Hum..

today I am going to add 1 ounce of water to see what happens..

sooo using this info, you could remove all the water you can and watch the hum drop.. I would run it for a couple of days with no water and then gradually bring the % up.. Your eggs should do just fine..

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