Help!!! Can this chick walk!!

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    Aug 31, 2018
    One of my chicks hatched under one of the hens and it was being pecked by the hen so I had to take it off her an pop it in incubator. It’s looks fine apart from the legs that are in the shape of images off the net of chicks that can’t walk. Does she look like she might have a walking problem? She’s 2 hours old

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    News paper is slippery and not recommended.

    Yes, it looks like it may have splayed leg... a condition I cull for but some folks will try to fix... I have also been successful at fixing once but since decided it's a genetic weakness I don't want bred forward in my stock.

    I have also seen a fix using a cut piece of straw between the legs and rubber band around the ankles..

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    Aug 25, 2018
    The bandage method works too. I've heard the straw can make sores.
  4. chickens really

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    The Hen probably knew something wasn't right so was going to naturally get rid of it..
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