HELP! Chick hatched but the yolk sac wasn't absorbed fully!


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Sep 16, 2014
This is my first time hatching chickens. I have a still air incubator that I've kept at 99.5 degrees and between 55-65% humidity. They have been in there since 8/24 and began hatching today. One was born earlier with no issues until he hatched. He has (from what I've read) the yolk sac still attached. He hasn't absorbed it yet.
What do I do?
I read on here to separate the chicken from the others and wrap it in a wet paper towel to give it a chance to absorb. That's what I have done so far. He seems lively and wants to move around a lot and chirp. I wrapped him up tight with his head outside of the towel and left him in the incubator.
Is there anything else I should do?
Hi :welcome Glad you joined the flock. Try not to panic and take a deep breathe!! You have done all you can for now. You have done the right thing by wrapping up and keeping moist it's now up to the chick. May take another day or so to finish absorbing. Your chick sounds bright enough so I would try to let nature take its course. Good luck and keep us posted :fl
The chick is still alive, it seems like some absorbed but now looks like it's pulling his intestines out, I'm not sure. I wrapped him in a clean warm paper towel this morning and set him up. I made sure to make it to where he couldn't Pull it out anymore with his feet. Could that go back in or should I have clipped the excess sac off?

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