Help!!!! Chick Hatched with Red Stump!


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Jul 4, 2009
Kalkaska, Michigan
I had some eggs in the incubator that I thought were duds as everyone else hatched. I took them outside to open them to see what happened. The first one I *cracked* started peeping, so I ran in the house and put it back in the incubator. It hatched a short time later but it has a little red stump left on it's bum. So what is it. It looks very much like a baby's umbilical cord. I have the baby resting in the incubator still hoping that the stump will either dry up or be absorbed. Hopefully someone else has seen this and knows what it is and what should happen.
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I see this posted a lot on here. Just let is stay in the incubator, it should be fine. I don't know what day your eggs were on but general rule is don't take a "dud" out until at least the end of the 25th day. Some have had hatches even later. Late hatches usually mean temps were low at some point during incubation.

for you baby
I had this happen to a chick of mine, we wrapped it in a warm moist...not soaking wet...paper towel and then wrapped clear wrap around that to hold it in place, obviously leaving her head sticking out. Then put her either in a mug, or cut a paper cups bottom off halfway up the cup and then turn it upside down and put the chick inside. Leave them like this for another 6 hours or so then unwrap and see if it has been absorbed. Mine was just fine after I did this. I will mention that I had it with another chick before I knew to do this and after 2 days of stumbling around and making a mess everywhere that one died. Some make it, but I figure better safe then sorry and will be doing this is it ever happens again! Good luck!!!
Thank you so much everyone! I left it alone in the bator for 6 hours and it was nice and fluffy and the the little stump had turned into an itty bitty little stub. I put some blue kote on it and put it out in the brooder. This morning, other than the purple on its butt, you can't tell anything was wrong. Yay!

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