Help!!!!!!!!! Chick Hatching Emergency!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 18, 2013
I have a mix of bantam chickens and it is day 22 of the hatch. Throughout the incubation period the temperature and humidity remained good and stable. Only two chicks hatched yesterday and I have them out of the incubator because they were cheeping and we had to take them out. There was about 25 eggs in the incubator and one of them had piped and tried to get out. I had saw it and only today I got it out to assist it with hatching. It was dead and I am so very sad and disappointed. My mum got another egg out because she thought if the one that dies was ready then the other ones would be. So she opened two that were just yolks and another which was already dead and the yolk sack had not been absorbed. I don't know what to do and I need some help! what do I do? Leave the other eggs in there to hatch? Help!! I will be so heart broken if the others don't make it!
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Zinnia May
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Candle the eggs and check which are viable (i.e. are mostly dark, except for the air cell). Discard any clear eggs. Take the viable ones, mark the air cell line with a pencil, so you know where the chick is and where the "clear" area is, then take a sharp object (I use a needle) and scratch the shell over and over until you are through. Now take a clean pair of tweezers and carefully make a small hole in the shell. Just enough to get air in there and allow you a peek. Check if you see any sign of life/internal pips. Put those eggs back in the incubator, bump the humidity up to 65% and leave them like that a bit longer. It is important to leave the chicks as much time as possible to hatch by themselves, before intervening. Good luck!
Eggs can go up to 25 days until they start to hatch. If your temps are a little cooler when you first start to incubate, they may take a few days longer to complete the process.

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