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    Please help!
    So two days ago, we brought home our fifty two broilers for our 4-H project. They looked pretty healthy two days ago, but then again I didn't look over them as well as I should have. Yesterday, one of our chicks fell into the waterer and we took him out and dried him off. Today I noticed that one of the chicks wasn't moving. He is about two times smaller than the rest of the chicks. He can barely move his legs, and when he does he doesn't even stand up all the way, but he sort of limps to where ever he wants to go. He also doesn't move either of his wings. I've offered him food and water, but he doesn't want either. I took him out of the box where the other chicks are, because I'm afraid that he might get trampled to death. What is wrong with him? What should I do?

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  2. You can try giving it a drop of poly vi sol non-iron vitamins once or twice a day. Any pharmacy will carry it. Save-a-chick is another option.
    The plain and simple truth is not all chicks are robust enough to make it, some will just fail to thrive. You should also know that being flock animals, being all alone is highly stressful and solo chicks often expire. So if there isn't another small chick or two for company they may do better taking their chances in with the rest.
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    I`m sorry. I had a chicken like that and she died. she turned out to have a broken leg.

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