HELP! Chick lost in basement! Update: We found her!

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8 Years
May 10, 2011
One of our 4 or 5 week old BO chicks got out of the brooder and is somewhere in the basement and we can't find her! Besides dismantling the ENTIRE basement, is there any ways of finding her or luring her? She won't be able to get back in the brooder because I now have it baracaded so the rest can't get out. How long will she survive room temp? She could have been out for several hours. Any advice?
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Put some food and water near the brooder. Most of the time they will come back to where they hear their buddies peeping.
Oh NO. I hope and pray you find it.
That is terrible. Hope you find it soon. Please let us know.
At 4-5 weeks they should be fairly well feathered out, so I doubt she'll freeze to death in the basement. I would leave a lamp out (even if just a regular bulb) close to the brooder, and maybe a little water and feed. If she's down there, I would think she'll head that way if she's able. Other than that, just listening for her cheeps...
Anianna, you make me feel like a bad chick momma, because we haven't given them treats ever, we do hand feed them their chick feed sometimes, but we don't have a call.
Lavender - will do.
Not my intention at all!! There's nothing wrong with not having given treats, I simply figured it was a possibility that you might not have thought of it in your desperation to find her. The brain shuts down a bit in such situations sometimes. I don't give treats often and mine aren't likely to come if I called them with a treat call, either.

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