HELP: chick turning head to side, no longer well

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11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
Northeast Fla
Born Sat. chick was doing fine just two hours ago.

Went to the brooder a few minutes ago and he has his head against the wall, I pet him and it's almost like he's turned his head to me like a cat liking his neck to be petted.

But when I pulled him away from the wall, he doesn't return his head to the normal position. He isn't wanting to keep his head straight. No longer as active and running around like before.

What's wrong with him?

NONE of the other chicks are doing this.

He came from an egg from our flock of chicks.
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After 15 minutes of being loved and held in my hand and barely moving his head is straightening back up and he seems fine!

Back to eating and chirping!

Worried though. Could this be a sign of him having mareks?
Most likely crook neck/wry neck/twisted neck - a result of vitamin deficiency/malabsorption. Can happen to one chick and not the others even though they are eating the same thing. If caught and treated early - it should be fine.

Feed it high protein feed and give it scrambled/boiled egg - give it a couple of drops of Poly-Vi-Sol a couple of times a day. You can dribble it on side of beak to see if you can get it to take it. Or mix several drops in a very small amount of water and leave it out as its only water source. Also can cut the top off a vitamin E capsule, squeeze out the goop and let it eat that - once a day.

Ruth had it really bad and was pronounced dead by the time I began treating her with the above method. Today, a year and half later she is not only alive and doing well but is producing beautiful little baby EE chicks.

He's doing fine at the moment, my dear husband has taken to this baby chick thing as has been babying him for the last couple of hours! Will post pics soon!
Because it was doing the twisting thing and is now o.k. means it is just starting and needs to be addressed before it gets worse. The sooner the better especially since you've taken a liking to this one. It will probably always be special to you, like my Ruth is to me. Of course with Ruth I had to hand feed her, while holding her head straight, for weeks because her condition had gotten so bad.

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