HELP!! Chick will look like what??


8 Years
Apr 19, 2011
Ok..saw this Ameraucana chick and I'm wondering what (she) will look like all grown up...has anyone raised one that started out looking like this one? (I'm looking for grown up hen pics)
Most of us are either at work or outside doing farm chores right now - patience.

I don't have a before and after picture for you. Since EE's vary so much in appearance from one bird to another, it would be difficult to find a picture of exactly what it would look like as an adult. It looks like it will be a light color though. Try looking through the Easter Egger page on for pictures of all of the color variations.
Um, yeah... I had one that started out a light chipmunk:

and at 3 weeks, she turned into this:

She's now 5 weeks and her head feathers are in; her head is bright orange too. Just goes to show you that a beige chick doesn't necessarily equal beige adult. You'll also note that my chick's wings had much more black and much less orange than yours is showing. I'm going to guess that your chick will be a mostly coppery orange adult with some black markings.
I know I shuold be more patient...I'm off today and all I can do is look at chickens..I forget other people have lives!

well this is how my other "chickmonk" chick started out..

and at 5 weeks looks like this..

so who knows what this light chickmonk will look like?
Not knowing is the fun of Ameraucanas/EEs.

Phoebe at 2 Weeks and 8 Weeks:

Shelia at 2 Weeks and 6-7 Weeks:
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