HELP!!! Chick with hurt leg....

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    Jun 13, 2016
    So yesterday evening we notice one of our baby chicks of 5 days old, was favoring a leg heavily. When he didn't want to stand on it but did put weight on it if he had to. Now today he is not putting any weight on it. we have been taking him... probably a her though out of the pen away from the other. but its not good for her to be separated from the rest like she is. However I am willing to follow anyone's advise at this point.

    We have 4 to 5 different breeds and they were mixed together when the came, so I can say a for sure type of chicken... if it makes a difference then I can take a good guess by coloring.

    He is fighting to live, eating and my guess is he is sipping at water as he is still strong enough to move when startled. Anything helpful advise would be received greatfuly.

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