Help. Chicken attacked by dog


Feb 23, 2019
SE Wisconsin
If it were me, I'd wait until her wound is feathered, Someone might start pecking her and un-doing all you've accomplished! It's probably cold were you live also, she hasn't acclimated to the cold yet, that's another concern.


Sep 26, 2015
Portland OR
Here’s an updated pic of Apollo. she’s doing well. any suggestion on reintroducing to the flock
Wow!! That's amazing! Great job. I would make sure there's no red anywhere (with or without a chicken saddle) before she's in contact with other chickens. They will pick on anything red.

I would also recommend getting her a chicken saddle to protect the site. I like the Hen Saver brand myself- they hold up well and the hens don't seem to mind them once they're actually on the hen. Almost all my chickens take a size medium despite the description of "bantam" for their medium size- large often ends up being too long and then it rubs on their tail feathers, or pick up a medium and a large and see what works best.

As far as reintroducing her to her flock mates, can you set something up so she can be next to them but nobody can touch her through a fence and or a wire crate type set up?, and once there's no reaction from either side, let them be together, supervised and see how they do. So much depends on how your particular flock dynamics work. I noticed that it became a lot easier taking birds in and out of the flock once it was significantly bigger.

I'm not sure what your temperatures are, but I'd wait for a week where it's milder temperatures. In the meantime, you can start acclimating her in the house- perhaps block the heat vent to where ever she spends her time now - that's the bummer part about winter time.
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