Help!!! Chicken has its intestine or something hanging for butt?! Don't know what it is or what to d


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Sep 1, 2013
Sonoma, CA
One of Our 8 month old chickens has a big bloody mass hanging from her anal region!
It almost seems like an egg is stuck in it and as though her insides have been pushed out?!!!
Please help we don't know what it is or what to do?
I don't see a way to push it back in seems to long??
See pictures, sorry for the graphic photos.
I think you're right, it looks like a severe prolapse. I've only dealt with a severe one like that once. I took her inside and cleaned her backside really well then found the opening for the egg, put some KY Jelly on it and somehow got it out without breaking it.

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So If I clean it up and oil it, Will I be able to push it gently back in or will it go in by itself? Thanks for your quick reply!!!
Please, get a water soluble lubricant like KY. This is an emergency and should be dealt with ASAP.

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Yes! I got her washed up back there and found the opening to the egg on the side. ; (
I was able to put the ky gel on it and got the egg yolk and a soft egg shell squeezed out gently.
Then I proceeded to push the flesh back into the rectom. It seemed like she might have a tiny little tear on the other side : (((
Also when she gets up it falls back out though so I had to push it back in a few times. WIll check again in a few minutes...
I placed her inside a smaller dog crate and covered it to make it dark and calm.
I'm praying her body will be able to heal it...
I don't know whether I should give her water or not?
I will avoid food for 24 hours so she can give her bottom a rest from poop.
What is your advice for this? ANd what happens if it doesn't get better???
Give yourself a pat on the back!

My duck did get better, but she had to live in my bathroom for two weeks, 'cause she had three more eggs after the first. It should get better if you keep her quiet, clean and inside away from other chickens that would probably peck at it.

You can give her water.


thank you so much for your time and super helpful response!!! It is so generous and kind of you. I will keep her quiet!
PLease Send Rocky (our Chicky) good thoughts!
Thanks again! I will update for sure!

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