Help! chicken is eating and drinking way less than normal, and she has swollen and firm abdomen.

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Several months ago, my 1 year and seven months old bantam golden laced cochin, have an swollen abdomen, but when I touched it, I can only feel something liquid is inside. I tried to check it, two to three months, later, and it looks normal. Few weeks after that, she was lethargic, and she wouldn't eat and drink water without assistance. However, her abdomen looks normal. I gave her 125mg of amoxicillin 2x a day for 5 days, and she improved slightly by the 5th day, and she was eating a lot 8 to nine days after the first dose of amoxicillin. Two to three weeks after she started eating a lot again, I noticed, that her abdomen has become swollen, like several months ago, but it is not firm, and it was like that for one to two weeks. On Christmas eve, I noticed, that she didn't eat all of her food, which is unusual, since she always ate all of her food, since she was fully recovered. One day later, when I tried to touch her abdomen, I can fell something hard inside. I can still see her poop, which consist of only the food she ate and the water she drunk. The last egg, that she laid was laid several months ago. I think that she have egg yolk peritonitis, or she is egg bound. What should I do?

    I also gave her liquid probiotics, for 7 days after I gave her the last dose of amoxicillin.
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