Help! Chicken keeps pecking her wound

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  1. subkon

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    Nov 20, 2010
    Hello friends, I have a chicken who I noticed today kept pecking herself in the same area over and over again. When I checked why she kept pecking, I saw that she has a wound about the size of a nickel or maybe even a quarter behind her wing. You can see inside and you see blood, although she isn't leaking blood anywhere. I quickly put some ointment on the injury in hopes to cure it somehow but she keeps pecking the injury and I fear that she may be making it worse.

    I'm so worried about her ever since I noticed the injury. She is still eating, drinking, and acting normally, but she does peck the injury often. I still don't know how she got the injury but I assume another animal attacked her and she got away. I was hoping you guys could offer me some information on how to help cure the wound faster and how may I be able to stop her from pecking the injury? Will the injury cure itself even if she continues to peck at it? What should I put on the wound in order to make it heal faster, and how long will it take to completely heal, if it does? I really hope she doesn't pass away from this injury. I don't know how long she's had it because I just realized the pecking now, but I'm really scared that she's going to make the injury worse by continuing to peck at it.

    Please help! Thanks in advance for taking some time to answer my question.
  2. Miss Lydia

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    I'd get her isolated so the other chickens don't start helping her. Maybe you could wash it out with some warm salty water then treat with an ointment that doesn't have pain reliever ending with caine. If you have somewhere where you could put for the night where she can't move around alot that might discourage her from messing with the wound.
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    You might end up having to bandage it in some way, maybe wrapping her with vet wrap, but be careful with this stuff, it's easy to get it too tight. Some people on here have made a sort of clothing for a chicken out of an old Tshirt. It would probably take a lot of fiddling to find something that actually prevents her from pecking. I lived with this for years with a cat I used to have.

    If you have a roo, this could have started as a mating injury. Maybe even some sort of accident that then got pecked worse. In any case, she certainly isn't helping.

    Good luck with her!

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