Help chicken people


5 Years
May 15, 2014

Ok all you chicken people, remember I am a newbe, so tell me in simple terms...what the heck is this? Found it in one of the laying boxes next to a pile of poo. YUKKK.
It's an oops. And egg that didn't actually turn into an egg. Every now and then you will find something odd in a nest box. And I agree, YUCK!
Thank you so much for the quick reply. So can I expect more of these? Like is it normal for just one chicken to do this or could any one of the seven do it at anytime?
Any of them can do it, but they won't until you forget about the first one. I get probably one odd thing a year, like a soft shelled egg, a mini egg, just when I don't look before reaching into a nest box.
I got one of those the other dayfrom one of my Golden Comets. It was perfectly formed but very small and soft-shelled. I also had a perfect mini egg from one of my Leghorns the other day. My hens have been laying for over a year now, and I still find the occasional odd egg in the nesting box.

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