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  1. Mottoole

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    Oct 18, 2014
    I am trying to find a good place where I can take one of my hens, I don't trust craigslist and I don't know of anyone who can take her for me. She is a sweet girl, a buff orpington, who will follow you around the yard and lets you pick her up. She was raised with the six other hens and rooster, but she came down with a case of gape worm and once she was sick all of the others started picking on her. We had her separated to treat her (she is now free of gapeworm and gained her weight back) and to let her head wounds heal. She is perky and healthy now, but all of the others have turned on her and viciously go after her any time they even see her. The rooster in particular will chase her down and slash at her head with his spurs. Having her sleep in a separate spot was working for a while (she would wander in the opposite direction as the rest of them all day) but today I caught the rooster running her down into the woods and attacking her. :( We don't have any way to make a permanent, separate living situation for her and I am heart broken that she is being attacked. Does anyone know where I can bring her near Gray, ME that I know she will be given a good home? Is there anyone on here that can care for her???
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  2. Jen Chickers

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    Sep 8, 2014
    North Central WV
    I wish you were closer! I would take her.
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  3. Sseckel

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    Oct 20, 2013
    Homestead, IA
    If you are near Iowa I can help you out [​IMG]

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