HELP! Chicken will not stop setting....


Apr 1, 2011
Oak Grove AR
I have a chicken that will not stop setting so I gave here 8 plastic Easter eggs to set on. In three week I am going to need 6 to 8 chicks to give her. I don't have any eggs to put in the incubator since I don't have a rooster that is doing the job(all to young). So I need help on what to do.
She has been sitting in the nest for a few days with no eggs and I keep trying to get her out but it is not working, so I am just going to let her sit. I just don't know where to get eggs today to put in my incubator or chicken in three weeks in my area, I can not count on the auction in three weeks for chicks for they may not have any at that time.
Any help will be great. I live int he northern part of AR.
Lots of folks sell here on BYC - there's mixes as well as purebreds, and mixed dozens of different purebreds. Talk to the seller before you bid and see what they think their birds will be doing in 3 weeks....
Did you try Farm & Garden on Craigslist?

You do know that chickens don't use calendars, right? As hard as it is for *us* to keep up with how long it's been, she's certainly not going to know if it's a week one way or the other - unless she just gives up on broodiness for a while in general. How long's she been stuck in there?
She has been doing the off and on for a week but over the last day or so I can not get her off the nest at all. I think I could get her some chicks in say two weeks and that would work.
No, they have no concept of time, thank heavens!
I gave one of our Orps 3 day old chicks after she set only 4 days. All are fine together. I would say if you can get chicks at any time in the next few weeks, try to slip them under her at night. I tried one chick first just to see what she would do and when she accepted that one, after few hours I slipped more under her.
A big thing is making sure the chicks bond to her so get them as young as you can. I have even put eggs a week from hatching under a broody with success because broodies are so much easier than raising chicks yourself!
Right now there is a hatchery RIR trying to be broody in the coop. I just placed 8 FBCM eggs in front of her to see if she is really serious and tucks them in.
I put the 8 plastic Easter eggs in front of her and they were all under her in about 1 minute. I will see if I can get chicks at the auction next weekend or the week end after that. That is about the best that I can do, unless I find some one close with chicks for sale.

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