HELP! Chicks arrive tomorrow! Shavings in brooder with toweling on to


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
I am so confused...

Right now I have a sprinkling of DE food grade of the floor of the brooder, followed by one inch of pine shavings. Then I am assuming that I cover the shavings with paper toweling for a few that right??????????????? Should I put toweling in the "sleeping area" too where it'll be the warmest, or let them snuggle into the shavings???


Penske, you really don't need the DE in an inside brooder. In fact, they may sneeze quite a bit when they start stirring up the shavings with the DE in it. It's fine, but I wouldn't put more in. Believe me, you'll have enough dust to contend with! I love DE for many reasons, but I never use it on the chicks indoors. I usually remove the paper towels after a couple of days when they've all gotten used to eating and drinking.
Thanks for your reply, but what about the shavings???
Leave them in and put the toweling on top? Or have nothing but toweling and then add shavings in a few days???

Point well taken about the DE--I only sifted about 1/8C over the bottom. If you think I should take it out and start over, I will. I don't want to mess up my first batch of chicks!!
I do paper towels only for the first several days-week. I lay down a really thick layer, like 10+ layers... and just remove the top layer as it gets icky (twice a day or more). Then I switch to shavings with paper towels on top for a day (shavings ooze around the edges and they peck at them) then to shavings only.

I agree you dont need DE yet. Thats for when they're bigger, eating worms and stuff that might contain internal parasites, and exposed to flies that might lay eggs in the bedding.

I'd just leave shavings with paper towels on top then remove the paper towels later on. Dont worry about removing all the DE, but know if they begin sneezing, that's probably why so you wont freak out about them getting sick, LOL.

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